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Import and Export services

Import and export services from Europe and ChinaOEM producing

Exchange rates

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Внешнеэкономическая деятельность Собственное производство в Китае под вашим брендом Сертификация

OEM producing

Are you searching for producers in China? Are you interested in cooperation with Chinese manufacturers? SibTroya JSC is able to choose and buy for you Goods in China direct from the manufacturers. To buy Goods in China became easy.

Producing Goods in China under our own brand (in compliance to your technical description or example). This is a special service, that we do with all responsibility.

We are able to help you in following services:

Choosing the manufacturers and Goods in China:

- drafting international contract, that will protect your interests

- organizing the manufacturing of exclusive Goods production in china under the brand of the client (trade mark).

SibTroya JSC will provide you the full information about manufacturers and suppliers in China.

There is no need to spend time for searching for enterprise and supplier in China. SibTroya JSC will do all the job for you. We save you time.

Customer clearance of cargoes from China

SibTroya JSC will solve all the questions of customer clearance procedure of your cargoes: