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Доставка опасных грузов Внешнеэкономическая деятельность Китай-Европа Страхование грузов

Cargoes delivery on the route Moscow-Novosibirsk-Moscow, delivery cargoes by trucks, out-of-gage loads, transportation abroad and other services, that offers “Sibtroya” JSC

Cargoes delivery thorough Russia Federation

Transportation of goods and raw materials –is one of the most expensive items of expanses as for Russian and for foreign companies, that operates on our market. In majority cases the amount, that enterprise invests in it’s budget for expanses covering , in the process of business due to the work of contractors.

Good implementation, terms, opportunity to make transportation of each cagro , “door to door” transportation-these and other conditions of cooperation are said by many companies, but in fact they are not executed in practice. Highly qualified transportations have big demand and Clients are ready to pay good price, but sometimes it’s difficult to find reliable Contractor.

Our company was established in Novosibirsk and step by step expanded the geography of transportations. Following to requests of our Clients we worked out new routs of transportations.

Complexes transportation between Europe and Asia

For companies, that operate on the big territory has cooperate with a lot of logistics companies or to by it’s own equipments. In the first case the process of delivery from Moscow to Tyumen becomes a big problem. Because there is a necessity to coordinate several companies for transportation. In the second case the expanses for trucks can reduce all the incomes of the business.

Our company can help our Clients to escape all this problems. First of all we are not limited in geography: we operate in the European part of the country, In Ural and in Siberia. Also, the transportation can be done at once or atep by atep. Also, if you need to deliver cargoes to different places of destination, the system “door” to “door” delivery will be precise for you. Thos system will reduce the expanses for transportation and cargoes will be delivered in time and in acceptable volume.

Highly qualified services can be not just in Europe, also in Novosibirsk.