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Доставка грузов по России от 10 кг Доставка негабаритных грузов Перевозка опасных грузов

Transportation of out-of-gage cargoes

Transportation of out-of-gage cargoes throughout Russia is one lines of business of the company «SibTroya». Service trade includes route development, production of the special permission to off-gauge load transportation on Federal roads of Russia, giving of special technics for off-gauge load transportation, forwarding and cargo support along the line.

In the category of transportation oversized and heavy loads, the vehicles, which dimensional parameters with cargo get or without it exceed on width of 2.55 meters (2.6 meters - for refrigerators and isothermal cars), on height of 4 meters from a surface of road, on length of 20 meters (including one trail car), or movement of a vehicle with the cargo supporting a back point of a dimension of a vehicle more than on 2 meters, the maximum load-carrying capacity to 40 tons.

The scheme of a low-bed semitrailer truck