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Международная доставка грузов Доставка негабаритных грузов Перевозка опасных грузов

Transportation of dangerous cargoes

The company «SibTroya» possesses the necessary technics, the prepared drivers and experience for delivery of dangerous cargoes throughout Russia.

For a performance of transportation a driver has special training preparation, receives the admission for transportation of dangerous cargoes, and the car which will carry out transportation, is equipped with system of the notification and safety means necessary for transportation of dangerous cargo. The qualified employee of the company will help you with preparation and the organization of transportation of dangerous cargo, will familiarize with «Rules of transportation of dangerous cargoes motor transport» and to consult on all interesting questions connected with the given transportation.

of dangerous cargoes
by character and degree of danger
      The list
of the dangerous cargoes admitted
to transportations by motor transport