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Rolling Stock

Freight traffic by an automobile rolling stock — one of the most demanded company services of «SibTroya». The given way of cargoes delivery enjoys wide popularity at the organization of cargo transportation both on territory of Russia, and in the international transit communication. Indisputable advantages of an automobile rolling stock concern:

Our company has a park of the modern lorry convoys approaching for performance of cargoes transportation both within Russia and throughout Europe. We deliver cargo from a warehouse of the consignor to a warehouse of the consignee in maximum deadlines and in the best kind. And you shouldn't involve additional transport for tracking cargo on a city as it is accepted by rail transportation; after all at realization of automobile transportation we deliver your cargo directly to destination.

Types of Cars

Experts of company «SibTroya» will pick up approaching car for your type of cargo and will develop the individual scheme of cargoes transportation, proceeding from your personal requirements and wishes. Now we give following types of cars:

The Awning Semitrailer

Awning lorries — one of the most widespread types of cars. They approach for transportation of the majority of types of cargoes and are widely used practically in all countries. Transportation of cargoes throughout Russia in awning cars is carried out taking into account domestic specificity of transport highways, the big distances and poor quality of a road covering. Considering all these lacks and features, we develop the most convenient and reliable schemes of auto transportations throughout Russia which allow to deliver your production lost-free and in maximum deadlines.

Awning semitrailers of «SibTroya» allow to carry out loading from above and sideways, various kinds of loading technics that is very convenient at unloading/loading in the conditions of the limited space. Useful volume of the semitrailer: 82—90 cubic meters. Capacity: 30-33 euro pallets. Load-carrying capacity: 20—25 tons.

The Isothermal Semitrailer

The given type of cars is simply irreplaceable by transportation foodstuff. The special design of the semitrailer provides safety of a temperature mode on the set mark during all term of cargo transportation. Cars-isotherms can transport cargo in volume to 90 cubic meters and weight to 25 tons.

The Low-Bed Semitrailer

The low-bed semitrailers-heavy trucks for transportation of large-sized and oversized road and building technics, the maximum load-carrying capacity to 40 tons.